US military unveils steps to prevent future leaks


WASHINGTON: The Pentagon on Sunday condemned the latest release of classified documents by WikiLeaks and unveiled steps designed to prevent future disclosures of secret files.
“As we have in the past, we condemn this reckless disclosure of classified information illegally obtained,” Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said in a statement.
As WikiLeaks released 250,000 diplomatic cables to The New York Times on Sunday, the Defence Department announced a series of measures undertaken in recent months to “prevent further compromise of sensitive data”. The steps were taken after Pentagon reviews launched in August that followed the disclosure of tens of thousands of US military intelligence files on the war in Afghanistan.
The measures included disabling all write capability for thumb drives or removable media on classified computers, restricting transfers of information from classified to unclassified systems and better monitoring of suspicious computer activity using similar tactics employed by credit card companies, Whitman said.
“Bottom line: It is now much more difficult for a determined actor to get access to and move information outside of authorised channels,”
Whitman said.