Tribesmen resent Muharram security measures in Peshawar


PESHAWAR: The tribesmen on Friday rejected the district administration’s security plane for the Muharram citing that it would deny them entry to the metropolitan.
They said it was discriminatory decision as it implied as if all the tribesmen were terrorist or saboteurs. On 24 November, the district administration had imposed Section-144 and banned wall-chalking, use of tinted glasses in the vehicle, pillion-riding and brandishing weapons at the public places.
The administration had also barred people from certain tribal areas from entering the City. Talking to Pakistan Today, tribesmen from different walks of life expressed their concerns over the new security plan. Hayat Ullah, a university student, hailing from the North Waziristan termed the decision as shocking.
Azmat a shopkeeper in Sardar Bazaar told this scribe that he had been living in Peshawar for last 10 years and he would have problems because he had to visit certain tribal areas for business purposes.
When Pakistan today contacted the district coordination officer, he said that all measures had been taken for the ‘extraordinary’ security arrangement for the Muharram processions and gatherings.