Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s GST protest annoys public


LAHORE: As a repercussion of the approval of the General Sales Tax by the Senate on Friday, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) took to the streets, resulting in one of the worst traffic jams.
The traffic, bumper to bumper, took at least half an hour to make its way from the Al-Hamra turning at Mall Road, through Egerton Road to cross over to the other side of the protest rally, that encroached itself in the middle of the city’s most important artery.
Irate commuters were seen swearing at each other, while several others sat in their seats helpless and frustrated at yet another traffic situation, accepting the worst as their fate.
“We have been sitting here since the past twenty minutes. But there is no traffic warden taking the situation under control,” said Ashfaq Rafique, while driving his car.
“Making people wait in line for their own agenda just goes to show how selfish certain people can be,” says Amna Mushtaq. Only motorcycles had the upper hand to twist and turn around stagnant cars and cross over to the exit points near Wapda House, where the protest was taking place.
But there were several who were blocked for a long time. Several citizens expressed their anger at the PTI saying this was no way to protest. “What are they trying to do? Who are they speaking for, the public? ” says an angry man in his fifties.