Butt hires lawyer of Indian origin


LAHORE: Pakistan’s suspended Test captain, Salman Butt, has turned to a United Kingdom based lawyer of Indian origin to represent him in the spot-fixing case. Salman Butt’s lawyer Aftab Gul confirmed that Barrister Yasin Patel would be representing the player in all matters in the United Kingdom.
“Yasin Patel is a very high profile criminal defence lawyer who also specialises in human rights, money laundering and sports related cases. He will be liasioning with Scotland Yard which is investigating the spot-fixing allegations against Salman,” Gul was quoted as saying.
He said that if need arose Patel could also represent Butt at the full hearing of the International Cricket Council’s code of conduct commission in Doha in January.
“At present the plan is that myself and Khalid Ranjha will represent the player at the ICC hearing but if we feel the need Patel can also be part of the hearing,” Gul said. Interestingly, Gul had earlier announced he would no longer be representing Butt in the spot-fixing case as he accused the ICC of injustice.
“I have changed my mind because the future of not only Butt but two other very good players depends on the outcome of the full hearing in January. We will be going there fully prepared to defend these players as until now no concrete evidence has been produced against them,” he said.
Salman may sue Ramiz: Pakistan’s suspended test captain, Salman Butt, is weighing his options to sue former Pakistan captain and cricket commentator Ramiz Raja for calling him a ‘liar’. According to a website, Salman will sue Raja once he settles his spot-fixing case. Raja called Salman a ‘liar’ in his interview to the British tabloid News of the World which broke the spot fixing story.
Salman also criticized the PCB chairman, Ijaz Butt, and said that the “Chairman did not allow us to talk to the media and clarify our position once the spot-fixing allegations were levelled against us in London.” He also criticized the role of former team manager Yawar Saeed during the spot fixing saga and said that “Yawar Saeed did not know anything about the spot fixing episode and during the press conferences I had to guide him which was very embarrassing for me.”