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Pakistani cricket all over the place: Wasim

LAHORE: Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram has blasted the Pakistan Cricket Board for all the controversies troubling Pakistan cricket currently.
“Pakistan cricket is in shambles. There is no leadership. Nobody knows what’s happening in there. That’s why the players are there where they are. Look at the guy Zulqarnain Haider, he disappeared and still nobody knows why? And it comes up to the Cricket Board, up to the Chairman of the cricket board. And whatever happened in England and still nobody knows what’s happening.
“Mohammad Amir, who is such a talented player and he is only 18, got so many wickets in England. But like I said the cricket board is in shambles. There are no leadership skills in the cricket board and players are just all over the place.
They are just there to play cricket and the passion is not there, the hunger is not there. The desire is not there in the boys. Talent is very much there but somebody has to channel it,” he said.
Wasim, in an interview with CNN, said: it’s the PCB probably which should have been educating the players. Cricket board hasn’t been giving them any awareness, lessons.
Now the cricket in sub-continent has gone from bigger cities to smaller ones, literally villages. So boys who have come from these villages are not educated. So you need to educate them. And for that again the system has got to be right. The chairman has to be focused. I mean our chairman went to England and he accused the third Pakistan-England ODI of being fixed. And then he had to apologise to the English Cricket Board for that. Why say such a thing.
Everything is all over the place. Nobody knows what’s happening in Pakistan and the whole country is very disappointed with Pakistan cricket because we do love our cricket.
Wasim further stated that he does not have any idea as to what would happen with the tainted trio “What’s ICC going to do with them. Are they going to ban them? Are they going to let them play only the first class cricket? So we really don’t know.
Like I have said cricket board never comes out with any statement of what exactly is happening. Everybody is guessing in Pakistan,” he added.

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