Nov out, winter-wear in for many


LAHORE: The approaching winters are witnessing a wave of mellow excitement hit Lahore, with people getting ready for cold weather by unpacking clothes and blankets.
” Winter is late this year it seems,” says Arshad, who feels that winter usually starts in early November. Most of November experienced warm temperatures and very sunny days this time.
People were seen strolling in parks with families as evenings become relatively cooler Even though it is not the time for winter-wears for many yet, gas usage has sprung up with more and more people switching to hot water for domestic use.
“I don’t even wear light sweaters or a shawl yet,” says Fareena, a housewife, “but I certainly cannot think of bathing in cold water.” Efforts to collect warm winter clothes for flood victims are also on the rise. Spreading word through the grape vine among her family and friends, Ayesha Noor, a student says she cannot imagine how the victims are expected to survive without our help. “We must make sure our brothers and sisters have enough warm clothes for winter,” she says.
Weather Report: Sunny days and cool, clear nights have engulfed Lahore as November draws to its close. Monday afternoon recorded a maximum of 25 degrees centigrade, with the temperature plunging to around 10 degrees Centigrade by evening and dropping by 3 more degrees late night.
Maximum day and night time temperature forecasted for Tuesday are 25 degrees and 11 degrees respectively.
A sudden change is expected by Thursday, when night time temperatures are expected to fall to 6 degrees centigrade with day time temperature remaining stable at 25 degrees.
Night temperature is expected to fall to 4 degrees by Friday. Moderate haze is also to be expected in open areas of Lahore, but otherwise visibility remains excellent for the rest of November.