LHC seeks report on sugar price surge by November 30


LAHORE: Resentment was expressed on the recent sugar price surge by Justice Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court on Monday, who directed the federal and provincial governments to submit a report on the same by November 30, after their failure to do so by November 22.
“Government should reply to these serious matters in days and not in months,” Justice Saeed observed, adding that it was the responsibility of the government to keep a check on the prices of commodities. The court also ordered Punjab government to give updates on the action taken against sugar hoarders and black marketers.
The court also heard a civil miscellaneous application filed by Muhammad Azhar Siddique which alleged that the fixing of sugar rate at Rs72 per kg was in contempt of the court decision dated December 3, 2009. The government is protecting the rights of the sugar mafia, the application added.
The deputy attorney general pleaded that sugar crisis had been overcome and prices of sugar were stable in the open market, a claim that was rebutted by Azhar Siddique who said that it was still being sold at Rs80 per kg.
He also recommended a punishment of at least 10 years in incarceration and a fine of Rs1 million for the perpetrators and said under Article 9 to Article 28 of the constitution state was responsible for ensuring provision of all basic necessities of life to its citizens and Articles 29 to Article 38 restricted it from making any anti-people policy.