KESC won’t benefit from Turkish power ship


The Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) is not going to get any additional electricity to be generated by the world’s largest ‘power ship’ from Turkey. This meant that the people of Karachi will continue facing extended power cuts.
The ship would add its 232 megawatts of electricity to the national grid, or the WAPDA’s grid. Once the addition has been made, PEPCO would reduce 232MW from its 650 MW supply to KESC, sources said. Moreover, it was not possible for KESC to buy the power generated from the ship as it would cost around Rs17 per unit, as reported by the media, sources added.
They went on to state that the ship would actually not produce the said 232MW once it is operational, as any power plant in the world could not run at more than 70 percent of its efficiency. When contacted, KESC Communications General Manager Amir Abbasi said the company would not see any addition to its 650MW-supply and thus, the power ship was of no benefit to Karachi.
On Sunday, Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf said some misinformed journalists are spreading false reports that the recently-acquired electricity supply ship would not provide electricity to Karachi and that residents would pay Rs 17 per unit of electricity.
He was talking to reporters at the Karachi port at the inauguration of the world’s largest power ship Kaya Bey Karadenis from Turkey. Ashraf said the Trukish power ship would provide 232MW against the prevailing tariff.
“This is incorrect that Karachi will pay higher rates. The electricity from the ship will go to the national grid energy mix and will be provided to Karachi at rates approved by NEPRA,” he added.