NA sports body chief resigns


ISLAMABAD: Criticising the federal government for making parliamentary committees redundant, chairman of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Sports, Iqbal Muhammad Ali, resigned from the chairmanship of the body on Saturday.
Ali said he had submitted the resignation to the National Assembly Secretariat. Following reports of the involvement of some Pakistani players in match-fixing and subsequent agnominal defeats, the body had recommended the removal of Ijaz Butt, chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, saying the whole of the body would resign if the recommendation was not implemented.
Asked why members of the body had not resigned, Ali said, “It was decided that all members would resign in case the recommendation was not implemented, but now only the members can tell why they have not resigned”. “I can only speak of myself,” he added.
Ali said Butt was responsible for destroying cricket in Pakistan. “He is a dictator and has hijacked the entire PCB machinery and the government is doing nothing over the issue,” the former chairman said.