All CID attackers except truck driver escaped


KARACHI: Investigators probing the blast at the Crime Investigation Department (CID) Civil Lines office have found no evidence about the attackers, except about the driver of the explosives-laden truck, and therefore, they are of the view that all other assailants managed to escape after the attack.
Sources told Pakistan Today on Saturday that of the 17 people killed in the blast, there was only one mutilated and unidentified body, and investigators believed it was the body of the driver in the explosives-laden truck.
However, there is still no information on the truck’s owner. As no official of the CID was reported missing, investigators believe there are no more bodies under the debris, however, bodies of people visiting the office on the fateful day could still be trapped under the rubble, but so far, nobody has filed a report about a visitor missing after the incident.
Investigators believe that the attackers came in groups from various sides, or at least from the front of the PIDC and the railway lines behind the CID office, adding that both groups intended to clear the way for the explosives-laden truck.
They said the first group came from the front side and started firing at police personnel manning the office’s main entrance. Meanwhile, another group of attackers appeared from the railway lines in a bid to divert the personnel’s attention.
It is believed that both groups left the area after they ensured that the explosives-laden truck had reached the main gate of the CID office.