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Dried fruit prices spike across Lahore

LAHORE: Dried fruit prices are three times higher than last year. It is now a commodity beyond the reach of the common man. Shopkeepers engaged in the business of dried fruit are worried over the alarming rise in prices; their profits have shrunk as the number of customers has dwindled.
A survey conducted by Pakistan Today revealed that all main dried fruit markets in Lahore are witnessing an unprecedented ramping up in prices as winter fast approaches in the provincial capital of Punjab. Akbari mandi, which is situated near Mochi Gate, is considered a major hub in the trade of pulses and dried fruits.
People visiting this market hunting for bargain prices are invariably disappointed. “Now we cannot even enjoy the winter season properly, I never imagined in my widest dreams, that pine nuts would be valued Rs 2400 per kilogram”, said Akram while haggling with a shopkeeper.
“It seems like dried fruits is now meant for the elite of society only”, said Uzma, searching to stock up on dried fruit during the winter. On the other hand, sellers are anxious over the depressing demand situation. They have attached the situation in the market to costs rising in the aftermath of devastating floods and petrol price hike.
Sellers blamed the acute rise in dried fruit prices mainly on the flood, saying that crops were washed away by flood water which served as a catalyst in the rise in the prices. “The spike in petrol prices is also a big factor involved in the price elevation”, claimed Shehzad Ahmad, a shopkeeper.
“Last year, almonds were priced at Rs 400 per kilogram in the peak season, but this year the price is Rs 950-1000 in the initial stage of the season and is forecast to rise at the onset of peak season this year”, said Mushtak, a seller in Akbari Mandi.
According to the survey conducted by Pakistan Today the prices this year were as follows, almonds: Rs 500-1000 per kilo, walnuts: Rs 300 – 350 per kilo, pistachios: Rs 1100-1800 per kilo, peanuts: Rs 250-300 per kilo, cashew nuts: Rs 1100-1200 per kilo, while pine nuts were observed to be falling between Rs 2400- 2600 per kilo.
Analysing relevant data pertaining to last year’s figures reveals that almonds were being sold between Rs200 and 400 per kg, walnuts between Rs 200 and 300 per kg, pistachios between Rs 700 and 900 per kg, peanuts between Rs 200 and 300 per kg, cashew nuts between Rs 800 and 900 per kg while pine nuts are between Rs 1100 and 1300 per kg.

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