Hurley battling flu


Elizabeth Hurley battled a bad bout of influenza on Monday night as she hosted a glamorous ball in London. The ‘Bedazzled’ beauty was booked to make an appearance at the Red Night event to promote the Moroccan National Tourist Office. But after waking up on Monday morning feeling awful, the star took to her Twitter page to tell fans she was dreading dressing up for the bash. She wrote, “Wet, cold and miserable here. Still popping Nurofen and guzzling Strepsils but trying on dresses for tonight… they’re all gorgeous. Can’t decide.” After slipping into a sexy Roberto Cavalli gown, the actress made it through the night, but later admitted she was still feeling sick as she rushed to the Far East for a photoshoot the following day. “The sun was rising as I landed in Hong Kong. Still sucking Strepsils. Still feel lethal. No sleep. Here for a beauty shoot – help!” WENN