Who to blame?


Harping tunes of self pity has become a national trait lately as politicians, anchors, authors and commentators continuously point towards foreign hands and invisible forces that have brought our nation to a pitiable condition but remain unable to trace those who have an origin in the very soil of this country. The mindset is still intact, strengthening even, that allows these lethal hands the freedom to roam at will, and ultimately succeed to destroy its social, moral and economic structure to leave us dangling and suspended in space.

Take the case of the floods that Pakistan is going through. Speculations are being made about the hands that are behind this massive flooding and as usual, the blame receives a shoulder in the form of the American project HAARP that possesses the divine ability to cause floods, earthquakes and other such climatic disorientations that conveniently paints us as victims and targets and all such crap that relieves us of the burdensome blame of emitting too many untreated chemicals from industries situated in residential areas, using cars that should have seen the junk yard long ago and the wisdom of the wise men who find an easy solution in burning the waste instead of dispensing with it in an appropriate manner.

We need to be wary of such thoughts that compel us to be exempted of all the blame and the responsibility of keeping good relations with our neighbours, avoiding deforestation, and building dams and reservoirs that would have rendered all the affects of the HAARP useless, instead, would have steered it towards our benefit. To blame, it is said, is the easiest thing to do that gives rise to failure while to rectify a wrong is the hardest, which Letterman explains as follows; a man may fall many times but he won’t be a failure until he says someone pushed him.

History provides ample proof that God sides only with those who have the will to improve for themselves the conditions that the world ordains for them. Can we really call ourselves the seeker of His mercy, compassion and forgiveness after the manner in which humanity is being treated in this part of the globe? Viewing our actions, can we still lie in wait for miracles? Can we really blame the world for our miserable state?