Seminar attempts to address street children’s issues


LAHORE: A seminar held by Sahil discussed the needs and steps that should be taken to the problems of street children. It was also discussed among experts how to solve the problems of the increasing number of street children.
Dr Naeem Zafar from Pahchan organization, stated that providing medical and psychological treatment to the vulnerable children was integral. These children were susceptible to diseases, being out in the open, in unprotected and disease prone areas, and are even subject to drug abuse, which may or may not produce diseases.
Meanwhile, many causes like domestic violence were the reason that children ran away from home, were bullied on the streets, and for several other reasons ended up with fragile egos.
Psychological counseling was extremely important, Dr Zafar said, whose organization targets children’s health. Rao Khalil, Assistant Director of the Child Protection Bureau stressed upon the work that it was doing. He said that CPWB was working on establishing a think tank consisting of key stakeholders including civil society organizations and government departments.
He also said that children should be protected by more mass awareness. Meanwhile, Mohad Hassan Investigation Officer from the children complaint office of the provincial ombudsman said that the CCO was extending its support to all civil society organiztions.
Chief Guest of the seminar, Zakia Shahnawaz who is the Advisor to CM, said that educating the mother was integral to the protection of the child, and repeated a valid point made by journalist Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami, population should be controlled in order to tackle the rising number of street children. She also stressed that education for the girl child was extremely important, and offered help for any kind of street child problems.