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Opp says ‘No’ to more taxes – House in turmoil

ISLAMABAD: As the government blocked a joint resolution by the Pakistan Muslim League-N and the PML-Q in the National Assembly against spiraling prices, Opposition Leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan vowed on Wednesday that the opposition would not let the PPP-led government pass any bill to impose more taxes on the people.
The house was up in arms when the government went out of its way to block the resolution which the opposition parties were pushing through. Realizing that things weren’t simmering down, the speaker adjourned the house. Nisar said that the petroleum prices and the power tariffs had increased to the extent that people were unable to bear this level of inflation and poverty any longer. He said that petroleum was over-taxed; around Rs 25 to Rs 30 per litre!
“The people are already paying high taxes and so we will not allow the Flood Tax or any other such tax”, Nisar added. He also said, “You can impose taxes if you throw us out of the house as a government did around 25 or 30 years ago”, Nisar added. He said increases in petroleum prices have always had an all-encompassing effect, causing inflation and ravaging the economy.
“The government can address the issue if it does away with the surcharge on the petroleum products”, Nisar suggested. Without naming the Muthidda Qaumi Movement, Nisar went to town criticizing it. He also said there were certain parliamentarians who in claimed that they would oppose the high prices but they did not utter a single word in the House.
He asked them to join the Opposition in its condemnation of the high prices and put their money where their mouth is. MQM parliamentarian Khushbakht Shujaat responded to Nisar’s criticism by saying that the MQM belonged to the middle class, which was badly hit by the inflation and opposed the price-hike from the outset.
“We are people who travel in buses, we are people who live in 200-yard houses and understand the meaning of inflation and poverty better than you (Nisar),” she said hitting back at him. Faisal Saleh Hayat said the government’s Statistics Division had found that from October 30 to November 7 this year alone inflation had increased by 30 percent.
Khurshaid Shah said that the government wanted to allow the opposition to discuss the issue. He said that the 19000 metric tons of sugar out of the 50,000 metric tons allocated to Punjab was still unconsumed. He said the government brought the prices of petroleum products down to Rs 56 from Rs 105. He added that the government did not want to repeat the past’s politics of animosity.
“We have to respect our leaders regardless of party affiliation”, he said. Naveed Qamar said that the opposition should advise the government on how to reduce petroleum products’ prices instead of tabling resolutions.

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