Overhauling the PCB


The ouster of chief selector, Waseem Bari, and other parasites from the PCB is good news. Though seeing them kicked out greatly satisfies the cricket lovers, many consider the presence of Intikhab Alam, nicknamed Inti Drum, senseless. As a captain, Inti Drum used to go on bowling without getting any wicket.

I understand the compulsion of keeping Ejaz Butt as chairman PCB despite his unrivalled buffoonery. However, it is shameful that our talented young sportsmen are becoming the victims of cronyism.

Tauqir Zia has criticised the decision to dump oldies above 60 but he need not worry because age limit is not for the generals; they could head any outfit even at 100. Cricket being his first choice, Tauqir has offered his services to head the PCB. His second choice, by the way, is to lend his services as chairman of phoney universities. He alternates between the two occupations. As long as parasites and cronies occupy the positions of decision-making and professionals kept away from it, no positive change will occur.