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Judiciary too needs good governance, says Asma

ISLAMABAD: Emphasising the need for good governance in the country, Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Asma Jahangir on Sunday said good governance was also needed in the judiciary where some petitions were taken up speedily while others were neglected.
“Good governance is not only needed in the executive but also to be followed in the judiciary. Why are some petitions taken speedily and others neglected, and a few disappear with the passage of time,” she said while addressing SAFMA’s 4th National Conference on Media, Democracy and Good Governance.
The SCBA president said it was an irrational argument by rulers upon facing criticism that they had the people’s mandate. “People’s mandate is meant to serve the masses and give good governance. The good governance is also required in political parties where equity is needed between the workers and leaders and there should be intra-party polls regularly,” she added. She said a national consensus on various key issues was the need of the hour.
“We have to reach a national consensus that we will have a pluralistic democratic society. The culture of the capital is not democratic where rumour mills keep on working all the time,” Asma said. She said the time had come to shun rhetoric and quit the blame game.
“We should listen to the concerns of the Baloch people and other national parties and must not harbour doubts on their patriotism in our minds,” she said, adding that FC Corps commander used to formulate the Balochistan policy, which was incorrect. She added that some external forces were also exploiting the situation in Balochistan.
“We condemn atrocities in Indian-held Kashmir and also raise voice against human rights violation in Azad Kashmir. But we are asked to keep mum as it would damage the Kashmir cause,” she said, adding that the ISI had “total control on policy matters regarding Azad Kashmir”. She said, “Our prosperity lies in our peace, therefore, we should mend our fences with neighbouring countries.”

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