PPP’s poor governance is damning democracy: Nawaz


GUJRANWALA: PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif has said that disappointment created among the masses by PPP’s poor governance could be harmful to democracy, which had been restored after a long struggle.
Addressing a gathering at the residence of MNA Justice (r) Iftikhar Ahmad Cheema after offering condolences over his mother’s death, Nawaz said the president and prime minister should adopt politics of principles and should control corruption at the upper level, as well as in the public sector, where three to four billion rupees were being embezzled each year.
“In such circumstances, how can anyone expect foreign aid to run the country,” he said. The PML-N chief said the federal government had failed to fulfill the expectations of the masses and was continuously choosing corrupt people to run PSO, PIA and OGDCL.
Nawaz said he had not returned to the country after signing “any NRO” and he twice refused to meet Pervez Musharraf in Saudi Arabia to upkeep politics of principles.
He said Musharraf disgracefully accepted a single call of foreign sectary of states, but he defied five telephone calls by then US president Bill Clinton and turned the country into a nuclear state.
“The dictator who imprisoned judges and their children, butchered innocent girls at Lal Masjid and removed a constitutional government should be brought to book instead of being given a guard of honour,” Nawaz said. He said he had been amazed how the present democratic government had shut its eyes and not initiated legal action against the dictator.