Teething problems


The PML(N) and PML(Q) have finally agreed on Senates representatives on the Committee to appoint members of superior judiciary, despite the Q Leagues rather strange desire to have two members of its own. As often happens with new experiments, the appointment of members of the Judicial Commission has also hit unforeseen snags.

First came objections to the nomination by CJ of retired SC judge Ali Hasan Qazalbash on grounds that he was unsuitable for being an octogenarian suffering from physical disabilities. No action was taken, however, till the nominee himself asked to be excused for the same reasons. Had necessary information been sought before the decision the discomfiture could have been avoided.

Again, it must have caused embarrassment to retired SC judge Fakhruddin G Ibrahim when his name was presented in the PBC meeting without his prior consent by a minority faction, who then sought division resulting in the election of Mr Khalid Ranjha instead. His nomination has been subsequently challenged in the SC. Lesson: Do proper homework before nominations.