PM takes notice of sugar crisis


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Tuesday castigated the ministries of Industries and Commerce for failing to timely implement the October 26 decision of the ministerial committee on sugar.
The industries and commerce secretaries were called by the prime minister to be asked why had sugar prices been increasing and what was delaying the implementation of the decision of ministerial committee on sugar that had directed the TCP to off load 50,000 tonnes of sugar.
Gilani directed both the ministries to take immediate steps to control the unjustified price raise. The Ministry of Industries was directed to immediately convey the implementation mechanism to the Commerce Ministry chalked out for the TCP by the ministerial committee.
Official sources said Ministry of Industries Secretary Abdul Ghaffar Sumro sent a letter to the Ministry of Commerce seeking instructions to the TCP to immediately release imported sugar in the open market.