Food department cracks down on tainted milk


LAHORE: The Food Department of City District Government Lahore has launched a raid against milk suppliers delivering contaminated milk to the city. Complying with DCO Lahore Ahad Cheema’s orders, District Officer Food Dr Masood has set up a team and launched a drive against impure milk being supplied to Lahore from the city’s outskirts.
Inspection teams have been monitoring four entrances into the city namely Sherakot, Roohi Nala, Sagian Bridge and GT Road Baghbanpura. The food team has inspected 143 milkmen entering the provincial capital.
278 milk samples have been extracted and sent to the food laboratory for screening. 3,300 liters of milk contained insects and has been wasted because it was not fit for consumption.
The DO Food has promised the prosecution of suppliers delivering tampered milk. Talking to Pakistan Today, DO Food Dr Masood explained the inspection procedure for checking milk content.
He said disputed samples are sent to the labs for detailed checking. Samples which fail the test are captured and wasted. He said milk suppliers transporting substandard milk shall be prosecuted in civil courts.
“Fat contents and water quantity are what we look for in milk samples. amples not qualifying are confiscated and wasted,” said Dr Masood. He said that the timing for milkmen coming from the city’s suburbs are specified. “They either enter the city at dawn or dusk,” said Masood.
Masood told Pakistan Today that the last 5 months have seen the inspection team conducting 10-15 raids with approximately 80,000 litres of contaminated milk confiscated and wasted.