Fake degrees: committee sends 4 cases to CEC


ISLAMABAD: Fake degree cases of four lawmakers were referred to the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) for legal action after being closed by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Monday.
The decision was made after the accused lawmakers, Gulam Dastagir Raja , Afshaan Farooq, Muhammad Safdar Gill and Farah Deeba, failed to appear before the ECP’s special committee despite repeated reminders. The committee did not close the case of Federal Minister for Postal Services Mir Israr Ullah Khan Zehri, who was also accused of having an invalid degree and did not appear to defend his position.
While defending his educational certificates, lawmaker Pitnabar Sewani said he had changed his name from Washdev alias Pitnabar Sewani to Pitnabar Sewani by advertising in newspapers. He presented all his educational certificates to the committee.
Those who appeared (in person or through representatives) before the committee on Monday were: Mukhesh Kumar, Mir Ahmadan Khan, Molvi Haji Rozi Uddin, Shama Parveen Magsi, Pitanbar Sewani, Haji Sher Azam Wazir, Molvi Obaidullah, Sardar Ali, Syed Aqil Shah and Haji Nasir Mehmood.