POL prices go up


ISLAMABAD: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on Sunday raised POL prices by up to 8.9 percent with an immediate effect. According to OGRA, the price of petrol had been increased from Rs 66.99 per litre to Rs 72.96 per litre,
Hi-Octane from Rs 79.56 to Rs 86.67, Hi-speed diesel from Rs 73.82 to 78.33, light speed diesel from Rs 62.34 to Rs 66.61 and kerosene oil from Rs 65.80 to Rs 70.95.
As per newly-revised prices, prices of petrol (Hi-Octane and supreme) were increased by 8.9 percent, High-speed diesel by 6.1 percent, light speed diesel 6.8 percent and kerosene oil by 7.8 percent.
The increased prices were announced by OGRA Senior Executive Director Syed Jawad Nasim in a press conference late on Sunday. He said the new prices would be effective from November 1 (today).