WFP to halve food supplies to flood victims from tomorrow


ISLAMABAD: Shortage of funds will force the World Food Programme (WFP) to cut 50 percent of its food supplies to flood victims from November 1, while it may roll back the operation completely by December.
“The WFP has extreme shortage of funds, as fresh funding is not available and we have no choice apart from cutting down our supplies by 50 percent. In fact we have stocks for November only. Now in this scenario we have made a strategy to cut down the food supplies to make them run until December,” a WFP spokesman told Pakistan Today.
Asked what would be done afterwards if adequate funds were not made available, as the crisis was unlikely to end by December, the spokesman said the WFP would have no option other than suspending operations. “Sindh will be hit worst by the shortage of food supplies.
There are still around a million people who badly need food because they cannot be accessed without helicopters due to standing floodwaters,” the spokesman said.