Sheikh Rashid invites MQM to join MML


KARACHI: Muttahida Muslim League (MML) leader Sheikh Rashid Ahmad asked the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) to join the newly-formed alliance of the different factions of the Muslim League, during his visit to the MQM headquarters Nine-Zero on Saturday.
On the ocassion, MQM leaders Federal MINister Babar Ghauri, Waseem Aftab and former Karachi deputy mayor Nasreen Jalil said that they would discuss this invitation at a meeting of their party. Nasreen said that her party would take a decision in the interest of its people.
Talking to the media after the meeting, Rashid said that it would be difficult for the Pakistan People’s Party government to survive without the MQM support. “Nawaz Sharif is responsible for disruption in the country and President Asif Zardari is playing games with him”, Rashid said.
He said that the MQM was a major force in Karachi that was fighting feudalism and now the MML had taken up the cudgel.


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