Katie Price dedicates book to ex


Katie Price has dedicated her new book, ‘You Only Live Once’, to her ex Peter Andre, leaving her cage-fighting husband Alex Reid upset. The model pays the singer a gushing tribute on the first page of her fourth autobiography.
She says Pete took her “on a wonderful journey of self-discovery” and that he turned her into a beautiful butterfly. “I hope you find the happiness you have always been searching for,” she said after 18 months of slagging off Pete. Alex, 35, got a message in the second paragraph, but only half as long as Pete’s.
In her salute to husband of three-and-a-half years Pete, Kate said, “I dedicate this book firstly to my ex Peter Andre for helping create two of the most amazing people in my life: Junior and Princess. I also thank him for taking me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery. I’ve turned from a cocooned chrysalis into the butterfly that I am today,” she said.
More than half the book is about Pete. But she simply thanked Alex, who she married earlier this year. “To my beloved husband Alex, who has stuck by me through my torment and darkest hour and respects me for my individuality as I do his,” Kate said.
Last night a pal of Alex revealed that he was feeling “weird” about the tribute to her ex. “Alex wants to be really angry with Kate, but more than anything he just feels really hurt,” the pal said. Kate launched her fourth autobiography yesterday.