PML-Q-PPP contact – PML-Q leaders want clear strategy by party


ISLAMABAD: Frustrated with the dark in which they have been kept by the party’s central command over the possible unification of the Muslim Leagues and the party’s parleys with the Pakistan People’s Party, the PML-Q parliamentarians have asked the Chaudhrys to convene a party CEC meeting and devise a clear policy.
“When we are asked to comment by someone on the PML unification move or our party’s growing proximity with the PPP, we having nothing to talk about, as details on these issues have not been shared with us by the party leadership,” a PML-Q MNA said.
He said a number of party MNAs had requested Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain to convene party’s CEC and CWC meetings or at least a joint parliamentary party meeting to apprise the party’s lawmakers on the current political situation.
The source said no consultative meeting had been held for a long time and the affairs of the party were being run by a select few. “Shujaat had announced in the last week of September that the party’s CEC would meet on October 5, but the meeting was postponed at the eleventh hour without any apparent reason,” he added.
PML-Q KP President Ameer Muqam demanded his party’s central command convene the CEC meeting to discuss the current political situation in the country. “The party’s CEC should be summoned without any delay so that the current political situation, particularly regarding PPP-PML-Q talks and the PML unification move can be deliberated in length,” he said.
He said that several PML-Q parliamentarians and leaders had difference of opinion on the unification move as well as talks with the PPP, and these matters could be settled in the CEC meeting. “In the meeting, all members will come up with their arguments and suggestions on the PML unification move and the party will then be able to devise a final strategy,” Muqam said.
The senior party leader said that he was against forging an alliance with the PPP on the grounds that its government was involved in massive corruption. “By joining the PPP, the PML-Q will earn nothing but public anger, as the masses are fed up with the PPP-led coalition government,” he added.
Ridiculing the PML unification move, Muqam said all heads of PML factions had no idea who would be the leader of the united PML. “How can a united PML be formed without a consensus leader?” he questioned, adding that stalwart Muslim Leaguers were just wasting time, as nothing would be achieved through these efforts.
Ghous Bux Mehar, PML-Q Sindh president said, “We will convene the party’s CEC meeting when there will be something concrete on the ground to discuss.”