Needs of the Nation


The news report titled US will invade volatile Pak in which an Australian MP, Bob Katter has stated that keeping the present scenario of a dangerously volatile Afghanistan and Pakistan situation in view, the United States will eventually have to invade Pakistan to bring sanity and peace to the region, a special task it has assigned to itself after 9/11.

This is a fact that everyone in Pakistan had been dreading for a long time towards which the events are dangerously leading. Pakistan has seen the consequences of being a US instrument and considering the direction in which the Pak-US relations are headed, the day is not far when Pakistan will have to bear more than what it had envisaged.

Whether we blame the Americans for plotting against us in order to fulfill its own security objectives as it declares Pakistan a double-dealer that both fights and promotes terrorism simultaneously with its supportive agencies and organizations endorsing the same fact, or if we blame our own political leaders for a comprehensive systemic failure, it still provides us with no relief.

The issue that concerns us the most at this particular point should be to alter our course by focusing not on individual desires but instead on the needs of the nation for a change by evolving our economic, social, political and security policies and tailoring them accordingly.

Instead of selling our souls to the devil in the name of strategic dialogues and aid packages either for civil or for military relief, the aftermath of which we have experienced at length, we should rely on self-help.

The smallest of steps towards an independent growth of our society can be instrumental in bringing about a massive and miraculous societal change that can impact our perceptions, attitudes and ultimately our global image.

Lubna Umar