More outages as KESC shuts down 200MW-unit


KARACHI: The respite in sight for Karachiites from the unending routine of prolonged power outages is only after the November 4th, when the Sui Sui Southern Gas Company will restore supply of 210 mmcfd gas to Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC).
But the power crisis s likely to exacerbate after the KESC shut down one of its units at Bin Qasim Power Plant (BQPP) on Friday. “We have already informed the KESC that our current shortage of 200mmcfd gas is due to annual maintenance work at Zamzama gas-fields,” SSGC spokesman told Pakistan Today.
Rejecting as ‘baseless’ the reports that the two utilities, SSGC and KESC, were at loggerheads over the payment of outstanding dues, he clarified that the present supply cut to the KESC and the resultant frequency in power outages was due to annual routine work.
“The supplies to KESC would be restored as soon as the maintenance work completes and that would be by November 4,” he said. However, the profit-loving KESC has reportedly started shedding the load of generation cost piling due to usage of furnace oil by passing it on the consumers.
According to sources, the utility made the gas supply cut as an excuse for the closure of Unit Number 4 of BQPP with power generating capacity of 200 megawatts. The deficit of 200MW would add to previous 500MW shortfall further triggering the outages for domestic, commercial and industrial consumers.
Meanwhile, the electricity load shedding continued to irk citizens across the metropolis. The duration of outages ranged 4 to 12 hours in different localities. Reportedly, at present the industrial areas are facing 12 hours outages while residential units brace four to 10 hours of power breakdowns daily.
The KESC spokesman’s claims seem to be falling flat that had said recent dip in supply would not add to the load shedding.