US will continue encouraging Pakistan-India dialogue


WASHINGTON: The US will continue to back dialogue between Pakistan and India for the resolution of their tensions because it wants improvement in relations between its two “very important” South Asian friends, the White House said on Thursday.
Days ahead of President Barack Obama’s visit to India, a senior Obama administration official said the US leader looked forward to visiting Pakistan next year, adding that the US had a “positive” and “deepening” partnership with Islamabad.
“We have always welcomed dialogue between India and Pakistan and certainly encouraged efforts to improve relations between those two very important countries,” Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns said.
Asked whether President Obama would talk privately or publicly about the longstanding Kashmir dispute and Pakistan-India tensions during the visit, he said, “Obviously, the pace, scope and character of that dialogue is something that Indians and Pakistanis have to shape. But the US will continue to welcome and encourage it (dialogue).”