Tortured policemen waiting for justice


Despite the passage of four days, Liaqatabad Police is yet to register a case of torture against three policemen of the Muhafiz Squad, who were attacked by four unidentified armed men on Sunday, Pakistan Today has learnt.
According to details, three Muhafiz Squad officials namely Naeem, Shahzad Iqbal and Shakeel were on routine patrol when they signaled the driver of a suspicious car bearing registration number 3522 to stop. The driver instead raced away, but the policemen chased the car and managed to stop it after some time.
As soon as the car stopped, unidentified armed men came out of the vehicle and started beating up the policemen. After being informed, Liaqatabad Police officials reached the spot and arrested the armed men. According to Naeem and Shahzad, the accused were identified as Asif and the son of a drug peddler, Liaqat Mirasi, but Liaqatabad Police SHO Sarfaraz Shah released all of them.
Naeem and Shahzad said that police was not registering a case against the drug peddler, and urged senior police officials to take stern action against the accused and the police officials who were not registering the case.
SP Rana Ayaz said that the matter was in his knowledge and the case registration was delayed to conduct a detailed inquiry in this regard. He said that Mirasi had filed a petition against the three constables and a rift between the two groups might be behind the incident.
Ayaz said that SHO Sarfaraz had not shown any negligence on the day of the incident and a case would be registered against the responsible people after the inquiry’s completion.