Single entrance test for medical colleges from 2011


A single entrance test for admission to medical and dental institutions of Punjab for both FSc and non-FSc candidates will be introduced from next year, a spokesperson from University of Health Sciences (UHS) said on Tuesday.
The format, syllabus and model papers for the Entrance Test 2011 have been updated on the university website: The syllabus, focused on biomedical sciences, was designed by teachers from both FSc and non-FSC systems and was finalized by the admission board for public sector medical and dental institutions Aptitude test, measuring the quantitative and analytical reasoning and general ethics, morality and human behaviour in the candidates has also been introduced from next year.
A total of 220 multiple choice questions, 5 marks each, will be distributed as follows:
Section #of mcqs
Biology 88
Chemistry 44
Physics 44
English 22
Aptitude 22
One mark shall be deducted from the total for each wrong answer. Total time allowed for the test will be 150 minutes.


  1. sir plz tell me da confirm date of the submission of forms and entry test plz sir

  2. Is this pattern and syllabus is for all medical colleges of PAKISTAN I mean is it is also for medical colleges of KARACHI please!if any on knows do tell me about it i am very tensed.

  3. i have a domicle of KPK can i aply for entry test in punjab if yes then tell me the procedure

  4. if any candidate who get 750 marks in fsc, can get admission in medical colleges if he score maximum marks in enyry test

  5. es dafa fsc and non fsc students ka paper sat ho ga es ka mtlb fsc wln ko a levels ke books be parne hn kia ?plz tel me es dafa bhot mushkal ho ga kia test

  6. tm log akhir chahty kia ho abi tm logon ne aptitude ka tamasha laga rakha tha abi jub hum tyari mukamil kar chuky hn to tm log isy khatam kar rhy ho. what is thisssssssss??????????????????????????????????????/


  7. can any1 tell m the expected merit of 2011?????whether its going 2 increase r decrease???will it come 2 80% r not plzzzzzzz tell me……………..

  8. Can anyone predict ths year’s merit whether it wud b g0ing up or down or 82.6 aggregate pe kahin ho skta ha k nae . . Thanxxxxdown or 82.6 aggregate pe kahin ho skta ha k nae . . Thanxxxx

  9. @every one..1/.we cant compare this year's result to last year since last year the test was taken in july and 8000 students passed it…and this year 12000 students have passed it because the test has been taken in september giving us a lot of time for prep…
    2/in 2009 the test was taken in october and the closing merit for rmc was 83.4,while last year it was 82.9…we can predict this year's merit by comparing it to that of 2009s…now as compared to 2009..the difference is that the formula has changed…obviously students secure more marks in fsc then in entry test so as compared to the merit of 2009 it might decrease slightly…ie merit for rmc might close at about 83.2-83.3…but m sure that it will increase as compared to last year since last year the test was difficult plus this year ppl have secured more marks…
    3/overall speaking the merit might increase by 0.3-0.6 percent i.e 82-82.2…it might not b that different for Ke..nd other kolgs at the top..the diff might b around 0.3-0.4 percent for rmc and faisalabad but for sahiwal,sargodha etc it might increase by o.6 percent…goodluck evveryone..may ALLAH Almighty help us all!!! and may the merit decrease:DD

    • Well yaar what i think iz ths yr a l0t of ppl have secured quite well in the entry test and its increased percntage in the aggregate has definitely affected the aggregate % of ppl and sec0ndly ths year’z merit wud definitely b higher by 1 or 1.2% c0z o the revised criteri0n + yar v kan make n0 c0mparis0n of last yrz merit to ths yrz c0z of ths revizd criteri0n

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