PPP, PML-Q agree on ‘strengthening’ democracy


The PPP is following the principle of inclusiveness by taking all political forces along whether in parliament or outside it, Law Minister Babar Awan said on Monday.
Addressing a joint press conference with PML-Q leader Pervaiz Elahi, Awan said the elected government’s term duration was written in the constitution, adding that bringing an in-house change in the parliament or provincial assemblies was the right of the democratic forces.
To a question regarding the possibilities of an alliance between the PML-Q and the PPP, the law minister said no door should be closed and no option should be ruled out in politics. However, the meeting with the PML-Q leadership was to get the opposition’s input on national issues and to further the party’s policy of national reconciliation.
Awan said some people were making contradictory statements, as on one hand, “they say that local bodies’ polls cannot be held”, while on the other, they say that national elections could be held. He said the PPP and the PML-Q were on the same page regarding the approach on the issues of national interests.
The PML-Q leader said his party wanted the government to complete its term, adding that the PML-Q would always support the government on the issues of national interest. Elahi said that the party heading the coalition had initiated contacts with the opposition party to get their proposals on issues of national interest and they had given their suggestions in this regard.
Elahi said the PML-Q was ready to talk to any political party for the sake of people’s welfare and national interests. To a question regarding an alliance or unification among various factions of the Muslim League, Elahi said the like-minded should come back to their original party.