‘Cylinder explosion in Barkat Market mistaken for cracker’


A low-intensity blast occurred in an empty plot causing fear among the Barkat Market traders in the jurisdiction of Garden Town police on Monday evening.
Details reveal that a low intensity blast took place in a heap of garbage in an empty plot near Central Plaza of Barkat Market. Police said no injuries occurred as a result of the blast. Rescue teams, police and bomb disposal squad officials rushed to the blast site and cleared the area after a half-an-hour search operation.
The bomb disposal squad has collected the necessary evidences for forensic examination. Police investigators speaking to Pakistan Today claimed the blast did not result from a cracker. Investigators said they believed that some individual set some garbage alight.
The heat from the garbage fire resulted in a gas cylinder nearby to explode which caused the blast. Investigator believed the responsibility fell upon the burger seller at the edge of the empty plot.
Police officials said they will take action against the owner of the shop for becoming the cause of creating fear among locals.