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Kashmir solution stressed

A seminar on ‘solution of Kashmir and the role of the international world’ was conducted at the University of the Punjab institute of communication studies, on Thursday.
The speakers emphasized that the resolution of the Kashmir issue is necessary for the progress of Pakistan. Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences Dean Dr Mughees-ud-din Shiekh presided over the seminar. Former Foreign Affairs Secretary Shamshad Ahmad, Institute of Communication Studies Director Dr Ahsan Akhtar Naz, Sajjad Mir, Sohail Guendi, Sajjad Bukhari and Dr Ijaz Butt spoke on the occasion.
The speakers’ unanimously agreed that it was clear that Kashmir does not want to be a part of India, as demonstrated by various freedom movements. They criticized the UN role in resolution of the Kashmir issue and stated that the UN always supports the stance of Indian.
TV anchor Sajjad Mir criticized the policies of India and said that the resolution of the Kashmir issue has never been the priority agenda of America, Russia and the European Union. He said that post 9/11, Huriyyat leaders have been labeled as terrorists.
Dr Ijaz Butt stated that these superpowers always support the stance adopted by India vis-a-vis the kashmir issue. He added “Being America’s frontline ally in the war against terror, the US should support the stance of Pakistan yet American led forces are busy planning incursions and Drone attacks on Pakistani territory”.
Shamshad Ahmad stated that the nation is forgetting the issue of Kashmir as a result of improper leadership. He added that if one of the current superpowers wanted to resolve the Kashmir issue, they could easily do it but their interests lie in supporting India. Dr Mughees concluded the seminar by stating that many issues relating to Kashmir are yet to be addressed.

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