Another feather in Himesh’s cap


MUMBAI: It’s already big news that Himesh’s international album ‘At Da Edge’ will be released in 122 countries in March. Roman White, creator of hit videos of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and others, is directing the videos for this album.
Now, the multi-talented Himesh’s publishing company HR Musik Limited is set to launch a talented group of music composers, singers, lyricists, and musicians. And, he says, he intends this to be the biggest music content provider to the film and music industry in all languages not only in India but globally as well.
And lest there be any doubt as to the quality control, Himesh says that all content produced will be under his own creative guidance and finesse. After a slump, the music business is once again growing rapidly and it’s payback time for Himesh as he sets out to seed the industry with some new, promising talent, and hopefully those who will make a mark.
“Until now, we have had only individual talents working for the industry, now it’s time that we take it to the next level, we are ready with some truly pathbreaking, trendsetting songs and music content created directly under my supervision and I know listeners are ready for this next generation music,” he proudly added.


  1. hee himesh i am very big fan of your singing & i love ur acting please tell me what is your realeasing date of a star is kil;led movie please tell me

  2. hello himesh i am big fan of your acting singing & music directing i love you very very very very very very very very very very much i wait 4 ur international album “at da edge”

  3. himesh ji aapka international movie a star is killed or dama dam mast klendar or at da edge kab tak aaega plzzzzzzzzz ask me

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