Aamir overshadows Oscar nominated ‘Peepli Live’ director


MUMBAI: Superstardom does not guarantee that ‘Mr Perfectionist’ Aamir Khan is absolved from controversies. Post the ‘3 Idiots’ debacle, Aamir is once again in the eye of storm for hijacking the creative control of ‘Peepli Live’ from its director – Anusha Rizvi and her husband and co-director Mahmood Farooqui.
Apparently, with ‘Peepli Live’ going to the Oscars, Anusha and Mahmood had said, “We removed ourselves from ‘Peepli’ because, it’s difficult to disassociate a superstar producer from the film.”
It is believed that there was too much of producer Aamir Khan in the making of ‘Peepli Live’. Well, it’s not the first time that Aamir’s association in the filmmaking process has come under the scanner.
Earlier, the scriptwriter and director of ‘Taare Zameen Par’ – Amol Gupte was sacked halfway because Aamir (producer of TZP) did not feel that Amol was doing justice to the film.
Similarly, even as Aamir was not the producer of ‘3 Idiots’, he slammed Chetan Bhagat’s demand for due credits to his novel ‘Five Point Someone’.
Interestingly, both Anusha and Mahmood have been vocal in showing their displeasure over the way Aamir wrestled for creative control.
Not long ago, Mahmood Farooqui told to a news daily, “I threatened to quit 20 times. I didn’t deliberately choose to keep a low profile. My producers thought I was arrogant. I don’t think I am”, while Anusha Rizvi maintained, “‘Peepli Live’ is definitely an opinionated, political film and if Aamir wishes to espouse a cause, I would like to know. If he wants to do so, we should pray for him”.