City district govt has non-functional website


LAHORE: City District Government Lahore (CDGL) official website is currently dysfunctional. The official web address of CDGL given on government flyers, news letters and on official letter heads is
However, even mega search engines such as Yahoo and Google do show the official website belonging to the CDGL in search results. CDGL sub-department websites and those of other cities like Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Hyderabad and Peshawar are currently operational.
The website of the government of Lahore was made on the order of former Lahore Nazim Mian Amir Mehmood. However, the webpage was not maintained by officials since Mehmood completed his term in the office and former Lahore DCO Sajjad Ahmad Bhutta became the Lahore administrator.
According to Alexa, an international website surveillance company, the Lahore government website gained a lot of popularity when it was launched, but became dysfunctional due to improper maintenance. According to the figures provided by Alexa, most of the queries registered on the Lahore government’s website were made by overseas Pakistanis and Indians planning to visit Lahore.
Raheel Ali, a Canadian national said “I was visiting Pakistan for the first time in fifteen years and I wanted information about the places I wanted to visit. It’s hilarious that a city like Lahore does not have an official website”. The newly appointed Lahore DCO Ahad Cheema stated that the CDGL website will be updated and operational in no time.


  1. Same is the case of Provincial website. The information available is several years old.IN SEVERAL cases, it is funny as well. For instance, under Education Department when one clicks district Lahore, the information about district Faisalabad of Health department comes forward. What a fun ' Is there any one to set the things straight.

  2. Shahbaz Sharif and his party have a webpage of their own fully maintained and updated regularly just for their own benefit but when country's interest comes into an account everything becomes a burden even though he is Chief Minister Punjab an official city government webpage is difficult for them to maintain .. what a shame !!

  3. I was searching for City District Lahore website since last couple of days. Finally, I cam across this article, thank God. Its a shame in this age of IT, Punjab Govt. is incapable of running a website. I am studying abroad and used to collect a lot of information about the city through this website. I hope Govt. will do something about it. Looks like Intermediate exams, their technology badly fail them here as well.

  4. As being a overseas Pakistani my province and my city is in dark in the age of computer. Mr. Shatan sharif distribute free laptops rather than improve or maintain minimum standards of the Army governments in provincial departments. City lahore has no role or website information.
    Think and again Think to elect PML (N) to destroy Punjab.

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