Indian army chief


The Indian Army Chief Gen VK Singh said on October 14 that Pakistan and China were a major security threat for India but India is well prepared to fight against the threats. He also said the instability and flourishing terrorist groups in Pakistan were a threat for Indias security. Along with that financially and militarily stable China is also a threat.

Such statements are not new. In November last year, then army chief of India said there was a possibility of limited war with Pakistan under the nuclear overhang. In December he announced that India was ready to take on both Pakistan and China in a two-front war simultaneously. This recent statement from the Indian high command regarding possible atomic war in the region seems to probably check the reaction from Islamabad as well as the capabilities of Pakistan and China. Either it is childish on part of the Indian army chief, or it is part of the plot to put pressure on Pakistan for starting operation in North Waziristan.

The terrorists are not a threat for India but Pakistan. Pakistan army is determined and nation has pinned high hopes on Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, who has not disappointed the people and who would not compromise on Pakistans security and sovereignty.