White Lies


Musharraf may be in North Carolina picking up every speaking opportunity to do some hard Sharif bashing but the conscientious London police is still on the job, guarding the Paki Presidents residence. We hear that even in Mushs absence, his flat in a square behind Londons Edgware Road, is heavily guarded by plain clothes police personnel. Any casual passer-by enquiring Does Musharraf live here? is simply asking for it. He is promptly greeted by Musharraf who! but no sooner has he walked a few steps ahead when he finds himself surrounded by plainclothes police surfacing magically from behind the building .He is then quizzed very politely but not too discreetly. A sample question Our colleagues tell us you are asking some questions about President Musharraf. Why? Also, Where are you from? Strange, as no one to date has been hauled up outside Buckingham Palace for asking Does HRH Queen Elisabeth II live here?

* * * * * *

The star-struck First Family might have gone all out trying to dazzle Angelina Jolie but she wasnt much impressed with the sumptuous meals or the expensive gifts being flown in from London. If anything, she is said to have thought that the whole exercise was rather crass at a time when the poor third-world country was witnessing one of the worst floods in its history.

But it didnt stop just there. When her Multani fan-club asked her what religion her ever-growing number of adopted children are going to adopt (because it is apparently not at all rude to ask such questions), she replied that she was going to let them choose their own religion freely and has a well-stocked library to help her brood make their choices. Well, that prompted the descendent of the Prophet to order a copy of the Book and donate to the said library.

Would simple living by a ruling clan at a time of grave financial crisis have been a better advertisement of our faith than a gilded copy of the Holy Book? Of course, not! Would you pass the foie gras, please?


All this talk of a technocratic prime minister has the approval of (surprise, surprise) a former technocratic prime minister. In fact, he quite fancies a second stint for himself. The gentleman in question lives in London and recently, while he was in the company of his erstwhile finance minister, he was heard at a restaurant saying that the army should move in to take the country out of the current mess (and him out of oblivion).

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