DVS Malaysia approves export of meat to Malaysia


KAULA LUMPUR: The department of veterinary services (DVS), ministry of agriculture and members of the Malaysian agro-based industry has approved an ‘abattoir and processing plant’ set up in Pakistan to export halal meat to Malaysia.
According to Pakistan’s high commission in Kaula Lumpur, the DVS, Malaysia has informed the Pakistan high commission that after considerable inspections of abattoirs and processing plants in Pakistan by DVS and department of Islamic development Malaysia (JAKIM), the Zenith Associates has been approved for export of frozen beef to Malaysia.
The High Commissioner for Pakistan in Malaysia Masood Khalid termed it a significant development in the strong ties exhibited between the two countries and added that this will open a formal channel for export of meat from Pakistan to Malaysia.
The High Commissioner said Pakistan and Malaysia were ideally placed with complementary resources and capabilities to work together for gain a strong foothold in the massive global market for halal meat products through cooperation in different sectors.
He added that Pakistan, being an agriculture country, is a prime source for agri-based products like fruits, vegetables, milk and livestock.
A three-member team comprising officials from the DVS, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam, Malaysia (JAKIM) and ministry of health, Malaysia visited Pakistan in April this year to inspect the Abattoirs and the Gelatin manufacturing facilities in Pakistan, as a final requirement to accord them Halal Certification to export meat and products of animal origin to Malaysia.
Earlier, the Penang international halal hub (PIHH) of Malaysia and Sindh board of investment (SBI) of Pakistan had also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Karachi in August this year with a view to broaden cooperation in the development of the halal industry in Pakistan.
Pakistan and Malaysia have signed two separate memorandum of understanding (MoU) agreements and one letter of intent to promote halal food business between the two countries during the visit of Minister of Agriculture and Agro Based Industry of Malaysia last year. This project is the fruition of these agreements.