Cattrall doesn’t like posing with fans


Kim Cattrall has revealed that she often hates her ‘Sex And The City’ fame because it has made her a target for over-eager fans, who interfere with her privacy.
The actress shot to international stardom with the role of man-eater Samantha Jones in the hugely popular TV show.
And the star admits she finds fame a burden, especially when strangers approach her in her free time.
“I try not to be rude to fans but I need to have boundaries. Recently I was enjoying a quiet lunch in Liverpool with a friend I haven’t seen in a long while and a guy approaches our table and says, ‘C’mon, stand up – I want a photo with you.’ My response was, ‘I won’t do it. I’m not working right now, this is my time.'”
“I don’t like to be put in a position where I’m made to feel like I’ve just arrived in Disneyland dressed as Mickey Mouse and my duty is to pose with complete strangers,” Cattrall added.