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PML-N’s “Defense Day for Democracy” in full swing

Leadership asks workers to prepare for Long March
Hamza Shabaz, Saad Rafique condemn Zardari,Musharraf
Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) held a “Defense Day for Democracy” demonstration at the Aiwan-e-Iqbal today, condemning Zardari and Musharraf and asking the party members to prepare for a Long March towards Islamabad to rid the country of the virus of corruption.
Protesters swarmed on the Edgerton Road and the Mall hurling slogans of “Go Zardari Go”, “Say No to Looto and Phooto policy” “Honourless Musharraf dare to return and face treason case.”
Speaking on the occasion, Hamza Shahbaz compared President Zardari to former dictator Musharraf and said that the former killed people while the latter had ruined the institutions. He said it was a high time to launch a campaign against the corruption in the country.
Ahsan Iqbal accused Zardari of fostering a culture of corruption in the country by appointing corrupt managers as heads of Pakistan International Airlines, Steel Mills, Pakistan State Oil and the Railways. He said that the present PPP leadership had not respected the Charter of democracy signed by Benazir.
Khawaja Saad Rafiq said that Musharraf coup was part of international conspiracy and had PML-N government remained in power, it would have constructed the Kalabagh Dam, Motorway and Gawadar Port, the power tariff would not have exceeded Re1 per unit, parliament would have been sovereign, democratic institutions would have been strong and fake degree holders would not have reached the parliament. He said PML-N would not let Zardari finish his tenure as that would ruin the country.
Pervaiz Rahid said that everyone had to bow the head before the Judiciary and Zardari will have to, too.
A resolution was passed saying that Musharraf had used the Army for personal gains, spilt innocent blood in Laal Masjid and Balouchistan and had attacked the judiciary by imposing martial law in the country. Action was also demanded against him under Article 6 of the constitution. Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khosa, Margoob Ahmed, Naseer Bhutta and Bilal Yaseen were also present on the occasion.

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