Owner of Barbecue shop shot, body sunk in Chenab


Mujahid, owner of Shahbaz Tikka Shop, was shot dead and drowned in Upper Chenab by his kidnappers when his family failed to pay $200,000 in ransom.
The kidnappers, Nadeem Mehr and Ijaz Jutt were arrested by Crime Investigation Authority (CIA) and Gujranwala Police along with their employee. They confessed to the crime and said that they had kidnapped Mujahid from outside of his house on September 25. They used his cell phone to call his family to demand the ransom. Upon failure of the family to pay, they had shot Mujahid and had sunk his body in Upper Chenab by tying a bag of bricks to it, they said. A recovery operation for the body is underway by Sabzi Mandi Poilce and Rescue 1122. Upper Chenab canal has been closed at three different points near Piplywala.