Mayo Hospital Superintendent denies doctor’s negligence


Mayo Hospital Medical Superintendent (MS) Dr Zahid Pervaiz has claimed that the doctors of Mayo Hospital were not negligent whilst treating a patient, who died on October, 11.
He said that the patient, Shehzad, was being treated by an unqualified doctor before he was brought to the hospital on Friday October 8. The unqualified doctor had prescribed the wrong treatment, which led to the spread of infection in the patient’s body.
The patient was admitted in the west surgical ward of the hospital and was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the emergency ward on October, 10.
Pervaiz said that, aggrieved by the death of the patient, a family member began to abuse doctors and slapped the duty nurse. The hospital administration informed the local police, who registered an FIR against the accused.
Medicines worth 5 million recovered
Chief Minister’s Task Force on Spurious Drugs raided two houses in Badami Bagh and recovered medicines worth five million rupees.
Elahi said that these medicines had recently been stolen from various government hospitals of Lahore. He added that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had allocated 6 billion rupees for the provision of free medicines in governmental hospitals, but a major portion of the fund had been embezzled.
Elahi said “a detailed inquiry will be conducted and those involved in the crime will be dealt with an iron hand irrespective of their status. Exemplary punishment will be given to all involved, be they government servants or civilians”