Musharraf’s popularity


After seeing the popularity of Gen Pervez Musharraf during his address in UK, all the political parties in Pakistan are flabbergasted. It is an eye opener for all the critics of Musharraf. He even managed to collect a huge amount of money for flood relief efforts in little time. The PML-N leaders are feeling bitter about the salvo of Musharrafs language but they have forgotten their own language that they have been using against Musharraf for the last three years.

The paid cronies of N-League do not waste an opportunity to criticize Musharraf on media. Everybody knows that since the departure of Musharraf our country has come in the grip of looters and plunderers. Now the time has come to face the reality and end this drama of personal tirade.


  1. musharaf has the ability to rule.. I think he is the successful person during his rule…

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