Conspiracy theories


Something doesnt happen in Pakistan before the conspiracy theories start sprouting everywhere. This is with reference to many people calling the current lawyer shenanigans a conspiracy by certain people to create a rift between the bar and the bench. Why cant we understand that everything is not somebody elses ploy to create problems. People act of their own accord most of the times and their actions should not be used to defame others.



The lawyers have taken to the streets in a spectacular fashion and displayed an utter lack of disregard for the very judiciary they took to the same streets to restore. It is amazing how much irony there is in the current agitation that the lawyers are creating. If they dont have a legal recourse to fulfill their demands, it should tell them their demands are probably not legal, strictly speaking. I kept raising their propensity for mobbish behavior during the Lawyers movement but was turned down as a nay-sayer to the only real revolution Pakistan has seen. In retrospect, not only does this taint that activism but also takes away from any future issues that they might champion. It is also a legitimate concern as to who, if anybody, can give these people direction as they seem to be a force undefined.