ICS teacher issues clarification


Shafia Bhatti, a contractual lecturer at Punjab University Institute of Communication Studies (PUICS), has responded said that the student Adnan Qurban a BS honor’s student was failed and now he is trying to make sectarian issue.
However Adnan Qurban insisted on claiming a bias was behind him failing.
Shafia Bhatti’s statement said that Adnan did not contribute to the final group project and was not present on the day of viva voice of the term paper. She further claimed his attendance was short.
She said that issue of sectarian discrimination is baseless as the student himself admits the teacher had passed his four groupmates who had made a documentary on the same issue on which he had stopped working.
The statement claimed the student had the issue to the semester committee two times and the semester committee had unanimously decided that according to the rules, he would repeat the subject of the video production along with his juniors. She claimed the student had waited one and half year, without attending a single class, and was employing pressure tactics to get a degree.
It is important to mention here that Adnan Qurban has lodged a written complaint with the PU Vice Chancellor alleging that his teacher had failed him because of a sectarian bias. He had written a letter claiming, “Is it a crime to be a Shia”. The student has also threatened to commit suicide if his case is not decided on merit. PU VC also took action on the complaint, asked the Director PU Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) to investigate the incident and submit his comments.
Adnan told Pakistan Today that her teacher made phone calls to his other group fellows for viva but not informed him. He claimed this was the reason why he could not appear in the viva. He said that it is tradition in ICS and all other educational institutions that administration display a notice regarding viva but Shafia did not follow this tradition. He said that it is ironic that his attendance is claimed to be short but a number of students whose attendance was short appeared in the exams and passed. The student claimed all he wanted was he be allowed in to sit an exam under a separate examiner.