Car lifting on the rise in the Capital


Showing an upward trend, over 548 cars were stolen from different parts of the city in 2010, with the figure being 514 last year with only 89 recoveries, sources said.
Most of the cars were lifted from urban areas where the security arrangements were high, sources said. “It would further increase as police officials deployed at the city exit and entrance points do not have proper equipments to catch a suspected vehicle,” a police official asking not to be named said. Since instruments to jam tracking device had been invented, more luxury cars will also be stolen in the future. The Anti-Car lifting Cell (ACLC) had not been established in Islamabad yet, he said. The ACLC, he said, envisaged the interlinking of all toll plazas with Excise and Taxation department. “But the plan could not materialize due to negligence of high officials”, he said.
The official said that the main reason of rising car lifting incidents and low rate of recovery is engagement of the capital police with the security of VIPs. “According to an estimate 3 incidents of car lifting occur every day,” he said.
The official said another reason is the lack of coordination between the provincial and the capital police. He disclosed that car lifters have hired houses in the residential areas where they park stolen cars for some days and then shift them to other cities.