Liaquat Baloch says ruling parties should accept their failure n announce relelections-Nasir | Pakistan Today

Liaquat Baloch says ruling parties should accept their failure n announce relelections-Nasir

The Jamaat e Islami Secretary General, Liaquat Baloch, has counseled
the ruling parties to accept the failure of their government and announce fresh elections to
ensure the continuation of the democratic system.
In a press statement here Friday, he said, any change from within the assembly or
the mid terrm elections were not the solution of the prevailing crisis while any extra
constitutional step would undermine national solidarity. Therefore the PPP, the PML(N),
the MQM, and the ANP should accept the failure of the split mandate and their government
should announce fresh elections on their own, under an independent Election Commission.
He said the political and economic crisis in the country was deepening as the coalition
government coming in the wake of the 18th February elections had failed because of
its hypocritical politics and corruption. The problems of the masses are multiplying.
Price- spiral, unemployment, poverty and lawlessness is increasing. Incidents
of gun-point thefts have become a routine. A government that fails to protect the
life and property of its people has no moral right to remain in power, he argued.
Liaquat Baloch further said that the policy of US slavery has completely failed
as the drone attacks have intensified. He said the US was patronizing India to promote
subversion and terrorism in this country, and terrorism has now reached Data
Darbar and Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s shrine.
The US and NATO forces were violating Pakistan’s territorial limits and targeting innocent civilians and troops. He asked the rulers and the intellectuals who had been terming the war on terror as Pakistan’s war, to explain their position in the prevailing situation.
He appreciated stoppage of NATO supplies and said this was the public demand and should be permanent. He said, after a long time, Pakistan had referred to the UN resolutions as the only way to resolve the Kashmir issue and this was due to the current Intifada in Kashmir.
He exhorted the government to streamline the moral, diplomatic and political support
for the Kashmiris freedom struggle as their lawful right at an international level. He said a
unified stand by the Pakistani nation would give a positive message to the Kashmiris and
accelerate their movement.

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